ASCR’s Smart Home Control app

Use electricity and heating more sustainably and cost effectively with just a few clicks when sitting on the sofa or in the metro. This is possible for the 111 households at aspern Seestadt which are actively participating in ASCR’s energy research project. Since December 2016, these residents have had a clear and simple overview of their energy consumption, along with all apartment control options, via their smartphones or tablets, thanks to the Smart Home Control app developed by ASCR and EMAKINA.

The benefit to users is that they are able to view and manage all energy settings from any location and at any time via a personalised dashboard. Energy consumption itself can be managed as required. Heating and ventilation can be switched on or off, turned up or down, as desired. Similarly, predefined plug sockets can be taken offline using the app or by activating the eco button at the front door of the apartment.

Additionally, the app has user-friendly, pre-set modes such as workday, home office, party or holiday. A time-variable electricity tariff has also been implemented with which users can activate households, e.g. running the dishwasher, ironing, charging batteries, etc., at times when electricity is cheaper.

The app has an interface with the building’s technological systems, enabling the control function, and another with a database from which energy consumption data, for example, can be read. In addition to findings concerning user energy consumption, it can also be determined which app functions make sense over the long term and how often they are used.

This practical check is invaluable as real user data gives ASCR important insights into the behaviour of these users. Ultimately, the objective is to develop customer-friendly market solutions which are then applied on a large scale and to entire cities