The future of energy starts today

Research based on real energy data in aspern Seestadt

In view of the ongoing issues of climate change, resource scarcity and increasing urbanisation, ASCR is working to develop solutions for the energy future of our cities. In line with the objective of establishing an electricity system based on 100% renewable sources by 2030, central energy policy issues from all domains of the energy system are analysed and addressed on an interdisciplinary basis. These include grids (Smart Grid), buildings (Smart Building), information and communications technology (Smart ICT) and users (Smart User).


With expertise from a wide range of disciplines, 100 researchers from ASCR’s shareholders are working on the development and integration of new technology under real use conditions and with real data. Research is conducted in cross-domain technology streams in order to accommodate the high degree of intermeshing between use cases and to maintain a holistic approach.

The actual integration and use testing within the individual domains is carried out at the same time using specific research questions or use cases.

Furthermore, all solutions are based on a cross-functional information and communications infrastructure; suitable models for processing large amounts of data (big-data methods) are being developed and tested for these systems.


Generation of renewable energy by a building, direct use by residents and the possibility of transferring energy to the market via the grids are all directly interrelated.


ASCR’s research is laying the foundation for the installation and operation of the urban energy systems of the future. The results of this research are expected to contribute significantly to the development of scalable solutions for the energy future of entire cities. This means that ASCR’s findings will apply to entire cities over the long term..