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ASCR shows that innovative spirit is at home in Vienna. The City of Vienna is proud of the fact that it was possible to establish this unique research project and thereby make a meaningful contribution to the future of energy.

– Mag.a Ulli Sima, City Councillor for Environment and Wiener Stadtwerke –

Energy efficiency and sustainable urban development are among the most important topics of the future for Siemens. We are happy to be the exclusive technology partner in ASCR.

– Wolfgang Hesoun, General Manager of Siemens Austria –

If you want to be fit for the future, you have to be actively involved. aspern Seestadt is a site that is open to innovations and creates the perfect conditions for those looking to develop technologies for the future.

– Dr. Gerhard Schuster, CEO of wien 3420 aspern development AG –

ASCR provides a major impetus to Vienna as a hub of technology. Only if we continue focusing intently on collaborations between business and research will we be able to hold our own in the face of international competition.

– Mag. Gerhard Hirczi, General Manager of the Vienna Business Agency –

As part of ASCR, we focus on the requirements of tomorrow’s energy grid. In this way, we safeguard reliable security of supply, today and in the future.

– DI Thomas Maderbacher, General Manager of Wiener Netze GmbH –

In the course of the ASCR research project, we are able to test new offerings for our customers. We are able to continuously improve our products with their feedback.

– DI Mag. Michael Strebl, General Manager of Wien Energie GmbH –

Grids are undergoing a revolutionary change, enabling a transition toward sustainable energy. The findings of ASCR concerning Smart Metering and Smart Grids will be ground-breaking, turning this vision into reality.

– Mag.a Brigitte Ederer, spokesperson and chairwoman, Forum Versorgungssicherheit –

Energy supply is a key challenge for the cities of the future. I am pleased that with ASCR, Donaustadt is home to a visionary research cooperation.

– Ernst Nevrivy, district chairperson Donaustadt –


Data Analysis at ASCR

A new film by Siemens shows how ASCR generates and evaluates data. The analysis of the data provides…

ASCR’s Smart Home Control app

Use electricity and heating more sustainably and cost effectively with just a few clicks when sitting on the sofa or in the metro.

R20 Austrian World Summit climate initiative

ASCR participated in the R20 Austrian World Summit on June 20, 2017 in Vienna.

Insights into the energy world of tomorrow

In an interactive showroom covering more than 60 square metres, visitors are given the opportunity to get to know the complex research programme and all its facets.