Aspern Smart City Research GmbH & Co KG is the largest and most innovative energy research project in all of Europe. Launched in 2013 by Siemens, Wien Energie, Wiener Netze, Wien 3420 and the Vienna Business Agency, ASCR uses real data from the urban development zone of aspern Seestadt to explore solutions for the energy future of our cities.

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Our Partners

For Siemens, energy efficiency and sustainable urban development are two of the key issues of the future. We are delighted to have the opportunity to be represented in ASCR as an exclusive technology partner.
– Wolfgang Hesoun, General Manager of Siemens Austria –

Being fit for the future means taking an active role in shaping it. As a location, aspern Seestadt is open to new ideas and offers the perfect conditions for anyone interested in developing technologies for the future.
– Dr. Gerhard Schuster, CEO of wien 3420 aspern development AG –

Innovative ideas and expertise are vital for a high-performance business location like Vienna. The closer the cooperation between industry and research, the greater the potential for maintaining a competitive edge in the global marketplace.
– Mag. Gerhard Hirczi, General Manager of the Vienna Business Agency –

Within ASCR’s framework, we are working on meeting the requirements for the energy grid of the future and beyond. This will enable us to guarantee that our energy supply is both reliable and secure – today and in the future.
– DI Thomas Maderbacher, General Manager of Wiener Netze GmbH –

The ASCR research project is developing crucial innovations that will help shape effective urban climate protection. This creates an opportunity for Wien Energie to test new technologies and solutions for our customers and continuously improve our products.
– DI Mag. Michael Strebl, General Manager of Wien Energie GmbH –

The flagship project Smart Cities Demo Aspern shows that even complex, cross-system innovation projects can have an immediate and tangible effect on the climate. Getting users involved at an early stage is currently seen as an important factor in implementing the successful transformation of our energy landscape. We will not be able to achieve these necessary transformations in time or rapidly enough by means of technological developments alone.
– DI Theresia Vogel, Geschäftsführerin Klima- und Energiefonds –

Energy distribution networks are undergoing a process of radical change to make the vision of energy system transformation a reality. They are the enablers of future energy systems. The insights gained by ASCR in smart metering and smart grids will play a guiding role in implementing them.
– Mag.a Brigitte Ederer, spokesperson and chairwoman, Forum Versorgungssicherheit –

Energy supply is a core challenge for the cities of the future. It is truly inspiring to have such a pioneering research cooperation as ASCR based here in Vienna.
– Ernst Nevrivy, district chairperson Donaustadt –


Data Analysis at ASCR

A new film by Siemens shows how ASCR generates and evaluates data. The analysis of the data provides…

ASCR’s Smart Home Control app

Use electricity and heating more sustainably and cost effectively with just a few clicks when sitting on the sofa or in the metro.

R20 Austrian World Summit climate initiative

ASCR participated in the R20 Austrian World Summit on June 20, 2017 in Vienna.

Insights into the energy world of tomorrow

In an interactive showroom covering more than 60 square metres, visitors are given the opportunity to get to know the complex research programme and all its facets.