Insights into the energy world of tomorrow

Since June 2016, the ASCR Demo Center at the Seestadt Technology Center has been open and providing an insight into tomorrow’s energy world.

In an interactive showroom covering more than 60 square metres, visitors are given the opportunity to get to know the complex research programme and all its facets. A tour through the Demo Center demonstrates all about how the production, storage, distribution and consumption of energy can be efficiently designed in an urban context. Presentations are tailored to the interests and prior knowledge of the visitors. The content of interactive installations and animations can be controlled by a tablet and additional information displayed on demand. This way, the tour can be just as informative and interesting for a group of energy experts as for interested laymen.

In order to present information in a comprehensible and clear way, ASCR’s research areas in the Demo Center are spread over two levels. The first level focuses on components of energy research visible from outside, smart buildings, and the smart users interacting with these. The second floor of the Demo Center looks at the technical equipment, data flows and control elements that work in the background, i.e. the smart grid and smart ICT.

Where is it located?

The Demo Center is located on the first floor of the Seestadt Technology Center, Seestadtstrasse 27, 1220 Vienna. Tours can be booked by writing to or calling 01 908 93 69. There are no fixed opening times.