Smart Cities Demo Aspern (SCDA)

The showcase project Smart Cities Demo Aspern (SCDA) has been running since 2014 and has a budget of EUR 8 million. The Austrian Climate and Energy Fund is supporting the SCDA project with grants totalling EUR 3.7 million. The three-year project involves around 120 people, with research being conducted primarily on the usage of energy flexibilities, the active management of the low-voltage grid and the intelligent interlinking of buildings and the low-voltage network through ICT. The involvement of users is also a key component of the project.

SCDA consortium

Consortium management and project management: ASCR

Industry partners: Siemens AG Austria, Wien Energie GmbH and Wiener Netze GmbH

Scientific partner: Austrian Institute o f Technology GmbH (AIT)

City of Vienna: Municipal Directorate / Urban Building Directorate – Project Management Seestadt Aspern as well as Municipal Department 18: Urban Development and Urban Planning

SME partners: Moosmoar Energies OG, Technisches Büro Käferhaus GmbH and SERA energy & resources e.U.